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Xilo's sashboards provide maximum writing surface with the flexibility of two vertically-sliding boards, each featuring e3 ceramicsteel® writing surface, with excellent writing and erasability characteristics.

Xilo's ingenious construction allows the lightweight boards to glide up and down with the touch of a finger, while all moving parts and counterweights remain concealed within its columns. The ergonomic grip doubles as a pen/chalk tray.

  • 2 boards with e3 environmental ceramicsteel writing surface. Available in white for drywipe markers or green for chalks.

  • Available board dimensions: 2 heights (1000mm or 1200 mm) and 2 widths (3000mm or 4000 mm). Other dimensions on request.

  • Writing boards are framed with anodised aluminium profiles with integrated grip and pen/chalk tray.

  • The two 3000 mm high side columns are made of natural anodised aluminium. Ingenious construction conceals all moving parts and counterweights within the columns. Other heights on request.

  • Designed for easy installation and use



Xilo Sashboard (PDF)